• Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help people out. Whether it was through lending a helping hand or giving an encouraging word. When I had to decide a career, I knew I would work in a service related job.

    Because I not only have a passion for helping people, but also a passion for storytelling; I decided that journalism was the best career choice for me. I saw journalism as a method for me to be the voice for those who were voiceless. Also, it was a chance for me to help present those communities that have been widely ignored by the media.

    As you browse through my website take a look at how I’ve tried to be a voice for the people through various facets of media. Feel free to leave feedback because I am always looking to improve.
    -Denisha J. Thomas

Trials And Triumphants of A Producer

Good evening everyone! It is currently 11:32pm, nearly an hour after I produced my last show of the day (10pm). You might be wandering why I am up and not getting ready for bed. But honestly, I always feel like I get my second wind after I finish with work for the day. Crazy I … Continue reading

Welcome to my website! Enjoy the content of my journey as a multimedia specialist. Please feel free to contact me.